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Wedding consultants/ Wedding coordinators

A Wedding consultant/coordinator offers professional advice to guide you through the arduous task of planning your wedding .They understand your needs and make a wedding which reflects your style, taste and personality.
All within your desired budget.

Expert advice: Avail advice from our experts

If you are looking for advice on wedding related matters, you can now clear your doubts or find out more about a whole range of other subjects. Whether it's planning your wedding or designing your trousseau or pre-marriage counselling,choosing the right hairstyle or personality development, put your questions to eminent personalities in their fields.

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Avail Beauty and Cosmetic services for both bride and groom

  • Groom Style

    For the groom

    Personal care and beauty for men. Be perfectly relaxed and fully groomed for the big day!

  • Bride Style

    For the bride

    Plan your personal beauty, hair, skin and wedding makeup schedule with professional beauticians.


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Media and Nostalgia

A wedding is a very nostalgic event, and is often cherished for decades. WedMantra provides all inclusive professional media services to those who desire to document and own cherished memories of their events.

WedMantra offers professional Photography, Videography, Music, Live Telecast, and everything in between.

  • Photography

    Capture those priceless moments on camera, and cherish for years to come. WedMantra offers professional wedding photography by acclaimed photographers.

  • Videography

    We make personalised films and videography around special wedding events like the Wedding, Reception, Ceremony. etc. The footage and films will be there for the customer to cherish till posterity and for a very long time. Every film will be shot on state-of-the-art cameras by experienced cameramen and will include a minimum of 10 interviews. The editing process is meticulous and painstaking, and can take up to three weeks.

  • Music

    Making a perfect choice of music which covers wide variety from classical wedding music to more recent wedding tunes played by the best dj's in town for your wedding/reception/ other ceremonies to the very last dance.

  • Live

    Even dream weddings can be missing something - friends & family who cannot attend it. So what a better way than to live stream the "once in a lifetime " event and bridge that miles of distance through this wonderful technology.

Venue Decor

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The venue decor takes into consideration the following factors: Lighting, Stage Design, Floral Décor, Concepts and Designs, Seating, etc. Choose from the wide range of Concepts and Designs to make the venue look unique..

Concepts & Designs

We aim is to take the stress out of organising and decorating your wedding (or reception) venue and to put the "Fun" back into planning wonderful events. This enables you the opportunity to relax and arrive at your event with peace of mind knowing that everything has been set out accurately and beautifully.

Stage Design

We have a wide range of stunning wedding stages available for your big day. Wedding stages communicate a lot about the bride's style and the event in general. We offer contemporary, traditional and modern stylish designs to enhance any wedding venue. All of our stages can be modified to meet your style, theme or colour requirements. You may choose one of our readymade stages or we also offer a bespoke service if required.

Lighting Design

WedMantra will assign a professional lighting designer to your wedding, who will create stunning lighting effects using theatrical lighting equipment and techniques. The lighting designer will also work closely with your photographer and videographer to ensure they have optimum lighting conditions whilst lighting your wedding.

Floral Decor

Our floral experts will suggest the flowers and floral designs you will need to set the desired mood to suit the occasion.

Seating Arrangements

The seating arrangement at weddings or events has to be properly planned to avoid any confusion. Proper planning also helps to better organise the event.


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WedMantra provides excellent catering services for all wedding events, and caters to the various requirements of our clients. We offer the best food with a unique style and a fine menu.

Cakes & Bakers

Wedding cakes and party cakes

Sweets, Chat & Juices

All kinds of Indian chat, sweets and a number of juices.

Buffet and A-La-Carte Services

Wedding and Event buffets for any number of people, with a large selection of menus.


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Indian weddings have a huge attendance, because of the deep cultural connections of Indian families. And it is important to take care of guests that are attending a wedding.

  • Hotel and Resort Bookings

    For those close family members, accommodation can be provided at hotels. While considerably expensive than both guest houses and service apartments, guests receive the ultimate in hospitality.

  • Guest Houses

    If accommodation is required for less than 50 guests, guest houses offer a cost-effective alternative to the otherwise expensive hotels.

  • Service Apartments

    Accommodation has to be provided to those guests that are attending from far away places. And in India, where the guest count is in the hundreds, it is important to have a viable but cost efficient way to host your guests.

    Service Apartments offers a fantastic yet cost-effective accommodation for those guests attending from far off places. Also, multiple guests can be grouped into each of these service apartments, as each has its own living room, a kitchen and at least two to three bedrooms. Moreover the available staff can take care of all requirements of the guests.

  • Honeymoon Package

    As part of the honeymoon package, the couple is entitled to a fully decorated hotel room, and have access to all hotel facilities.


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Whether you require local, domestic or international transport and travel, we are here to help. We also facilitate ticket booking through our channel partners.

  • Local

    We provide taxi cabs, local bus transportation, etc. to all the guests of the wedding as well as a special treatment for the newly wed couple.

  • Domestic

    We arrange nationwide tours and travel for sightseeing or for the newly-wed couple's honeymoon package.

  • International

    We also arrange international flight ticket bookings either in bulk or individuals.

  • by Road

    WedMantra can get you the best deals for road travel, by leveraging their association with tour and travel operators. We also have plans to launch a travel section(buses) to buy tickets directly from the wedmantra

  • by Rail

    We facilitate train tickets and tatkal bookings. We also have plans to launch a travel section(rail tickets) to buy tickets directly from the wedmantra website.

  • by Flight

    We have plans to launch a travel section(flight tickets) to buy tickets directly from the wedmantra website.

  • by Cruise

    Right after the wedding, the newly wed couple can plan to include a cruise in their honeymoon package. WedMantra has partners all over the world, and offers amazing cruise deals to the most sought-after destinations in the world.


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Offers and Discount Packages for WedMantra members

WedMantra leverages its scale and market connections to get its members the best deals and discounts, thus making your honeymoon an even greater experience.

Members will have exclusive access to unbeatable offers and travel packages.

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Take a look at our new wedding blogs created by the newly wed couples who share their experiences of their special occassion.

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