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MES Quartress Garrison Engineer East D.R.D.O Complex, C.V.Raman Nagar, Bangalore, Karnataka, India, 560093

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About Pandith Sharma

Purohit,Pandith conducts different kinds of sacred activities on behalf of its clients. We try to help people by organizing numerous pujas and holy rituals which can help to solve the problems you are facing in your life and thus help you to lead a happier and trouble free life. Our organization has provisions for performing pujas for health, wealth and prosperity, to curb worries, to improve help students with their education and we also conduct marriages, social anusthans, yagnas and others. All our services are offered, keeping the sanctity of the occasion in mind. If you need to organize griha parvesh for their new home, we promise to assure you grand arrangement, promising prosperous solutions. We offer excellent Vaastu solutions to our clients, with the help of our talented and skilled experts. So, for all kinds of holy practices or auspicious occasion, we at Puja Path Bangalore encourage our clients to adopt our services. Let us predict your future and offer solutions that resolve all your problems and enables you to lead a life that you have always wanted to. HOROSCOPE AND ASTROLOGY Rassi Kundali ( We are experts in preparing Janma Kundali , Experts in telling what are the problems related to Janma Kundali and Remedies. What are the helpful Stars and non-helpful stars related to the Kundali person, what are the pujas to be done for stars disorder etc. VAASTHU We are experts in clearing Vaastu relating problems. YANTRAS We are Experts to provide yantras for Balagraha , problems related to wife and husband, problems related to Devils and Business problems related to ladies, Sthree Vasikarana, Purusha Vasikarana , Kubera yantra and yantras to get babies. MATRIMONY We will provide Brides/Grooms for all Castes. REAL ESTATES Sales of Lands, Flats and Sites.