03 Sep 2015

Winter Wedding Calling

Weather Report

Your biggest plus point of having a wedding later in the year is the wonderful weather. Out of the whole year, this is the month where you do not have to worry on the hot sun or the downpour rains. The quintessential winter season in India is hands down the best weather in which one can fully revel in the carnival of an Indian wedding that can be! So go ahead…. Plan, Enjoy and cherish those winter weddings. 

Go All Out

Having a winter wedding means that you can now take the leniency of planning an outdoor wedding (Yes! Even during the daytime). The winters in India is ideal in almost all cities, so enjoy those times and plan outdoor venues that have gorgeous lush greens as the background rather than just a wall from a banquet hall. From venue to decorations, everything looks more attractive when placed outdoors, so take your chance and have that beautiful wedding you always wished for.

The Starting Point

Among the most picturesque locations for Indian wedding are the warmer locations like Rajasthan. Winters make it just so much more beautiful to enjoy a wedding that it can be a perfect destination wedding place for you.  The royalty in having it in a place like Rajasthan would just be priceless, so make sure a winter wedding is the thing for you, if in Rajasthan. Generally, winters give you a window to plan a destination wedding so you can go to your favourite city and enjoy your wedding, without any weather restrictions playing in.

The Clothing Line

Indian wedding are very intricate and have a wide choice of fabrics that play in for your wedding wear. Winter Indian wedding would mean that you can use gorgeous fabrics like silks and velvets and flaunt it in style. These fabrics are heavier and warmer and call for splendid outfits for both men and women. To add to it all, they have lovely colours which can be a standout designer wear in your wedding collection.

Cosmetically Yours

The sun is definitely not a good friend to Make-Up.  Planning an Indian wedding during the winter Decembers play in ideal for your makeup, thus giving in ravishing wedding photos. With weddings come in heavy makeup and with no sweating and irritation, the cool weather will only help you look fresh and shine through your wedding times. 

Munch On

Indian weddings are synonymous with food and what better than hot delicious food served through the chills. Veg and Non veg munchies, all seem sinfully more delectable during the December weddings. Savory snacks and incredible sweets and desserts are what Indian weddings during December times are all about!

Indian weddings are all about colours, Food and themes and having a winter wedding is just the ideal balance to play it all right. With all the festivities happening right, the wedding couple, family and friends will only have so much more to cherish for a lifetime.