04 Jun 2015

To Blossom

Reflection on your happiness, flowers are an integral part of all celebrations and choosing just the right one that looks beautiful and fits your budget is of utmost importance. And if you don't even know where to begin, you aren't alone. That's why, we put together a collection of stunning flower arrangements that you can consider, while planning your celebrations.

Pale Pink and Lavender Rose Bouquet

Pale colours are one of the most popular for subtle flower arrangements. If you are planning an outdoor celebration, these light colours could be like a breath of fresh air. The pink and purple combination works best in such cases.

White Flowers with Candles

This unique and creative idea is also another way to go classy with your arrangements. You can set them in a tube jar and have floating flowers with candles in all white shades, to complement an elegant and sophisticated theme.

Blue and Purple Orchids

The blue and purple orchid theme are one of the most trending flower decorations settings these days. They are bright, beautiful and bold and can make a strong statement if styled the right way. You can use jars with water and have them submerged in it or have it set on round transparent glass jars,  such that the beautiful shades of the orchid are seen.

Flowers in a Jar

Unique and gorgeous, these kind of settings are ideal for an outdoor celebration. They are not very expensive and although they might look messy, with stems and ribbons going all around, they add a hint of creative beauty to your event, unlike any other flower arrangements.

Coral and Pink

This classic colour combination of coral and pink hues is the best in rose settings. Since these flowers symbolize love, they add so much colour and freshness to the theme. They are both beautiful and cost effective and can be arranged in the simplest way to the most extravagant way.

Vintage romantic:

Nothing spells romance like this huge collection of pink and white flowers. They look vintage and subtle, while complementing any colour setting. They are easy to find and can look really nice if set well across tables and stage. And since celebrations have people in happy and bright colours, this setting with its light tones can look elegant while not playing too hard on the eyes.

Red Roses:

Just have your theme set for plain red roses and say it in style. This theme being an epitome of love, says it all. You do not have to try too hard and this is the best way to go when you are short in time as red roses are available throughout the year. Roses have a sweet scent and look pretty, so choose this and you can be rest assured the place of the celebration is going to look as magical as you could ever wish!

Purple and Green:

Going bold and beautiful, purple makes an impact against the green and while the purple stands out the green calms it down to make it a perfect blend of colour theme. You can round it up with white ribbons and you are sorted to party it out.

These gorgeous flower decorations are few options you can browse through while selecting your theme. Remember, don’t play too hard with colours, keep it classy and beautiful will simply rise through.