30 May 2015

The Groom Etiquettes

You have made your move, popped the question and won her over….The Task is not over yet! Remember- Your ‘To- Do’ begins right from the day you propose to her until you take your final vows, so while those wedding bells ring, here are a few Groom Etiquette you need to get yourself head on with.

Be Heard

You are equally a part of this wedding, so get in with all the planning decisions. Pick a few things that interest you (food? Music? Flowers?) Now, of course you are not expected to pick in with decisions for everything, but make sure you give your opinion on the major planning points.

Let her ease it out 

Now, if your lady love is the one planning all the wedding then, she's probably bordering on wedding overload. You need to make sure, you come in at some point of the planning and let her ease it out. Giving her a night to relax and pamper herself, it could perhaps be a good idea on reminding her why the wedding planning is totally worth the stress.

The Middleman

Every person/family has a different idea of wedding and if your family is going to stress her out with planning details, it is going to be difficult to handle it all. Your mission: Keep the peace. Make sure, you take responsibility and keep communicating between your family and fiancé. With every family comes generation carried traditions which might be different from other families, take time out to communicate these to your bride so she and her family is well prepared for what is coming up. This way you can have the smiles going both sides, minus the stress and difference of opinions.

Make it all Work

Wedding times can get families from both sides worked up with all that it takes to make it perfect. Be her partner and share it all. Don’t add to all the family drama and complain on unnecessary things. Make sure you are all ears during this period and make it all work for both of you. After all it’s on the way to your special day and at the end….it will all be worth it!

Planning the Wearing in the Making

As much as a bride plans her outfit and puts in so much of efforts into looking beautiful on your special day, make sure you put in equal efforts too. You need to make sure, you put in all your thoughts and liking into planning those dhoti- sherwani or suit details so you are as much involved in the wedding as your bride and family is.

Token of Love

The day of your wedding, send her a gift, flowers, or a sweet note to read while she's getting ready. Or, at the reception you could perhaps team up with the videographer and tape a special message for her to see and lover later.  These tiny little things just add so much to your wedding! Putting in all those efforts will surely be worth it when you both finally sit down together down the memory lanes with all smiles and a happily ever after tale.