09 Sep 2015

The Floral Quotient !

Talking Fashion, Bridal Wear is all about blending traditional roots to modern fashion. Every season offers collections that are new and this season trending in the fashion world is the ‘Floral Quotient’.  Now while brides are taking on the challenge and playing in with various sizes of florals and colours, it’s necessary you flaunt just what is right for you, so here is a quick check through for those brides to be cause after all who does not like to play their fashion card right.

The Trending Florals

Leading the runway and bridal trousseau are the floral collections this season and if you are a bride to be then having a floral twist to your attire than a regular red lehenga might work for you. Making it to the runway are the floral inspirations from the vintage and solid colours that are well blended with floral prints in pastel hues. From heavy zardosi and embroidery days have emerged the fashion of deconstructed floral bouties, tied together with petals and printed flowers. SO go ahead and flaunt your brighter side this wedding season.

Play With Colours

Now florals are sure a winning game for every bride to be, but the trick is to play just the right colour. It is very important that one gets the right shade going for them. If it’s a summer wedding then you always have a huge palette to choose from. Going lighter shades with bright florals will enhance the look overall. From bright pinks to lush greens, pastels would work wonders with florals when styled the right way.

Fabrics to Wear

While zeroing in on your bridal attire, it is very important that you look for a light weight and comfortable fabric that suits the weather type and is in trend at the time of the wedding season. Primarily light and comfortable fabrics like chiffons, georgettes, natural silks, and raw silks for structure are suggested. If you are looking for a classy and elegant look, hues like white and pastels like canary yellow, aqua blue and sea green could make for your winning look. Ideally, a leaf of the book for all those brides would be to look for fabrics that not only look beautiful but also flow well to complete your princess look.

Dress as per body type


To look slim, tall and elegant with your floral prints that are universal, it is very important that you choose the fabric of your body type. The silhouettes are what the brides should be looking for while choosing their attire. Silhouettes create a trendy look with fabrics and embroideries, sculptural and decorative, exploring the luxurious and royalty the floral attires have to offer. For shorter girls, it is suggested to opt for smaller floral designs that are more linear with pastel hues and lesser colours. Bigger prints give larger loom overall, so girls over the average size should opt for minimalistic florals to complete their look.

To experiment with your look, fabrics, colours and prints id what the floral quotient is all about. Be a bride that will stand-out with her attire, choose wisely, be confident and the world can be the fashion runway for you.