01 Sep 2015

Pretty Up and Turn Out

Indian weddings are a celebration that is extravagant and spread across many days and being invited to one means planning, prettying up and turning out with the best of everything. Planning your way through, we give you a quick heads up on everything you need to know before you head to your wedding celebrations.

Ritually Yours

Any Indian wedding is going to be lengthy and knowing what rituals and customs goes into one will really help you prep up. You need to make sure you are prepared for long hours of patience as you walk into a Indian wedding, so it would be nice to read up and know what you are going to engage yourself into.

Calling in the Fashion

Indian weddings are usually spread across a few days and your invite would mention as to how many days of ceremony the wedding would entail. Being Indian is being bright, colourful and vibrant, so make sure you go all out with your wardrobe. Nothing can be too bright when at an Indian wedding, so think happy and you shall have it right.

The Matching Affair

The next trick to the look is to get your accessories right to the point with your outfit. You’ll need to get all the accessories in place from bangles, bindis, mangtikka to other jewelry pieces. Dressing up for an Indian wedding is the best part of it, not to mention how elegant and beautiful it looks!

Walk a mile in their shoes

Now with your outfit and accessories all set, the way to complete your look is to get yourself to wear a comfortable shoes. There is going to be walking, dancing and you don’t want to be the one getting up with sore legs the next day. Choose a heel that is just right for your Indian wear and is comfortable so you don’t end up falling on your face at a wedding.  Walking a mile with a saree (If first time) and a heel can get tricky….so choose wisely.

The Bollywood Moves

Any Indian wedding is incomplete without its Bollywood dancing and that too a lot of it. You don’t want to be the party spoiler so get some Bollywood moves on and be prepared for all that goes into our Indian celebrations. Dance till you drop is the mantra …so get going and learn up.


Getting in all the family and friends, close and far..Indian weddings usually have a lot of people buzzing in to celebrate.  You need to make sure you are well prepared to meet and greet people you may or may not know. If you like to meet new people, then you are on a roll. If you are just a people observer then you are sure to have fun seeing the riot of music, colours, dance, food and people. It is absolutely impossible that you get bored in weddings with so much happening around you. So better prep up, as there is going to be a lot of talking to people through the days of celebrations.

Every celebration is special and Indian weddings are surely a high turning point in everyone’s life. Being a part of a wedding entails a lot, so be prepared when invited coz its time you ‘Pretty up and Turn Out’