23 Apr 2015

Let the Memories Linger

Every celebration is special and adding a heartfelt meaning to it, just adds to the happiness. Although every person has their own bunch of beautiful memories and ways to refresh it, we give you some quick jot down points on how to make your special day, that much more special.

Let’s go Conventional

Indian weddings are traditional and there are so many rituals and ceremonies that go into making the D day happen. While amidst the celebrations, sometimes the bride and groom are not supposed to see each other and writing a letter to your partner at such times can simply make memories come alive. This would be a wonderful and unique way of communicating, as it would have a personal touch, texts and phone calls can’t sprinkle into the relationship. You can also add some promises for your partner on this letter.

Get Extra Brownie Points

You can also earn some extra brownie points and add a meaningful touch to your wedding day by getting your groom or bride a token of love. You should try gifting things that your partner can keep for a lifetime, bundling in memories with each passing year he spends with you. Adding a card to the gift will also be a good idea, to tell your partner why you got him the gift.

Heavenly Trails

Another way to add a special twist to the wedding day is to wear a special fragrance. You can choose to wear a perfume that you must have tried before and was loved by your partner or could try a totally new one.If it is a new fragrance, you can also continue wearing it on your honeymoon and in your newlywed days. Then this way, it could be a recall scent in the future, which can bring back memories of wedding day.

Family time

You should also schedule some family time on this special day and make you day more memorable. You could perhaps plan your spa or parlour trips together to get to spend time together. If you cannot plan something on the very same day, you could perhaps do something few days in advance like planning a meal together or cooking together. Last few days are days of joy and doing something together with family on these days is always special.

Hide and Seek

Most brides and grooms discuss their wedding attire, hairstyle and accessories, but would you not want to surprise you partner with a totally new look. If you really want to have him/her in awe, do not give out details of your look and enjoy all the attention when they put sight on you on the wedding day. This way, you would never forget the look of adoration on his/her face.

Talk Much?

There are always lots of friends and memories you must have built with your friends over the years. Call them all to share their tiny special thoughts and memories with you as it will always add lighter and happier moments to the wedding. Not to forget, this way your partner gets to experience your special moments and hear it from the people you shared your younger days with. (Psssttt: This tip, always works but it depends on what your friends spill out)

Hoping you would be inspired by our tiny little thoughts of adding a special touch to your already so memorable day, we hope you have the best of the day coz all is well that ends well. So don’t forget to smile and Shine On!