15 May 2015

For the Shutterbugs!

So…. getting clicked is something that is an integral part of celebrations and say cheese or not, you will still be in it. While, few might get to be your profile pictures, few pictures might just be your reason of anger. So, here are a few photography tips that you could use before you get clicked!

Know your Best Profile:

We all have one and it might differ from person to person. Know which one is which and it changes EVERYTHING. You can ask a friend to take a few pictures to figure it out because it’s hard to do it with a mirror. Once you’ve found it, use and simply reuse.

Knowing your best profile will always give you happy pictures, whether it’s a photographer doing it for you or you clicking your own selfies. Get that side right and you would be sorted with ‘all smiles’ for events thereafter.


Photoshop Yourself:

Light used well is like natural photoshop.

When you are indoors, always stand facing wherever the light is coming from (the window). This trick will help erase everything from your wrinkles to under eye circles. But also remember, never to stand at angles with direct sunlight as it will cast intense shadows. You need to avoid noon times as the light is at its harsh peak but nevertheless if it’s very early morning or sunset, you can play with the light as it is amazing, soft, and makes everything and everyone beautiful.

If none of these apply, find a spot where the light is a little more moderate as swaying into the night, getting good pictures can really be a task depending on your camera.

Brush the right Blush:

Makeup can do so many tricks work for you, if done right. Make sure you do your makeup as per the event time. While in the process of applying makeup and getting ready, use natural light if it’s a day event and bright lights if it’s a night one.

Your powder to your lipstick has to be chosen as per the event and its time.  Having moisturized Legs, arms, hands, feet is also necessary, coz let’s face it …we all like to be picture perfect.

Know your Camera

To know where your camera is of utmost importance. When you get to an event, make sure you spot the photographers, so you would know when they are heading towards you.

A small tip would be to avoid being clicked when you are standing and the camera is above you, as that way you would lose your height and we are sure you would want to avoid that. But of course then, ‘Looking Up’ is the number one advice for selfies.

Absolutely Not!

Sometimes, conditions are perfect for a horrible photo. You’ve just spent the whole night out, you’re exhausted, the light is not apt, and you’re wearing a not so exciting outfit and have dragged yourself to an event…Simply say no to the photo.

We know, it’s tough and we all want to please others and end up saying to ourselves “Oh pffff, who cares if I look ugly in photos?!” but when you can, saying no is sometimes the best solution.

And well, if you really can’t say no, do what all celebrities do, just put on the biggest sunglasses you can find and strike the best pose to the camera. Well, this gets us to our next pointer…

Pose and Poise:

Just like your best profile, you should have already worked out the right pose for you before you head to your event. Make sure you are the leading one with your best pose already up before the photographer starts clicking. Of course the photographer tries to get the best shot of his clicks, but what better when you know what works best for you.

So go ahead, pose and poise like you rule and don’t forget to put your best smile on!