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About astrologer noor khan

In normal terms "BLACK MAGIC" can be termed as fulfilling your needs and wants according to desire. For example :-( a person wants to get married to his or her loved ones, but the problem appears from all the four side, then there will be disappointment, quarrel, confusion, frustration etc) But through a black magician power everything makes possible down the sky through his abundant knowledge and will power. It only requires some time and money to fulfill all your needs. But in terms of black magicians he has to put his heart and soul efforts for the results to be achieved. As , I started a carrier in his field from past years, as these is one of the path way which has come through my ancestors with the blessing of ALLAH. As my experience, many people come to me with lot of problems and full of frustrations, and also they spend lot of money but still the not finding the solutions for problems, as my personal advice is before you step into any mantra – tantra process get to know about the person and his spiritual power, because performing the rituals will require a lot of power and complete knowledge in order to get satisfied results. According to me a rituals can be performed in two ways, were in one can react very fast with very limited time period and the other rituals required a little time phrase , but the result will be long lasting , these type of rituals is possible with experts only